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Testimonials from clients, or should I say friends?


Our wedding cake was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and most of all DELICIOUS!!! Everyone who was there and people who have since seen pictures were amazed at your talent!!
..I can't get over the amazing detail in the seashells and in the cake! Absolutely amazing —Rebecca B


Brenda... As mother-of-the-bride, let me say your cake not only looked AMAZING, but tasted equally AMAZING! I am so thankful that my daughter Katie Helms (MacEachern) was fortunate to have you create her magnificent wedding cake. You are truly talented & we were blessed to have it as part of our wedding celebration this weekend! :o)


Hi Brenda. Yes, the cakes were WONDERFUL, just what I wanted. Everyone loved them, and my son went next door and got them immediately. No problem.

You did a great job on both of them. Am sending a photo of Wendi and Gene cutting the cake. That's Wendi's son, Jake, who was also in the photo. The wedding was lovely, much better than they even expected. Again, thank you so much for everything you did. It was perfect!



Brenda is the abosolute BEST!! She made my wedding cake in 2005 and we've used her ever since. She has the patience of a saint (I know this because I changed my mind a dozen times about my cake). Her prices can't be beat for the quality that you get. I had an AMAZING cake for an unbeatable price and it was so good that the only cake that my husband & I got was the bridal bite. Our guests devoured the cake before we had a chance to get anymore!! Even though this rating stops at 5 - Brenda is a rock solid 10. Annita R


I cannot say enough good things about the cakes I've received from TheeCakeLady's.
Our first cake was for our wedding back in 2006. I was put in charge of the cake, from design to color, everything. I took a shot and called TheeCakeLady. She helped in every possible way. She was extremely patient and made sure I fully understood what I was wanting and getting.

When we got the actual cake my wife and I were completely blown away. The cake was the absolute best and so beautiful. We only had 20 people at our wedding and a 3 tier cake. So obviously there was extras. Almost everyone asked for either a second piece or a piece to take home. The cake was just that good!

The cake was so amazing that every year when we vacation to Myrtle Beach (from DC) for our anniversary, we get the same exact cake (not 3 tier). EVERYTIME.
Everytime the quality and professionalism is amazing! Like I said, I cannot say enough good things about these cakes.

Brenda (TheeCakeLady) has always been a joy to talk too, and look forward to getting a cake from her every year.
I would and do highly recommend these cakes to anyone and everyone.

Van Swanson


Brenda is exceptional. I was not an easy customer: I came into her bakery on the defense...poised to attack if told I had to pay out the nose for a fondant monstrosity that was only going to be half eaten and tossed in the morning! And to top it off...I don't really even like cake! Brenda was not only ready to work with me, but she completely understood my concerns. When Brenda asked me what my favorite dessert was my answer was cheesecake...and she created a wedding cake for me that was personal...a very vanilla white cake with a cherry filling and creme cheese icing...and as close to cheesecake as it got! Being something of a modernist, she also made the design interesting and less traditional, and really used my florals in her presentation. Of course, it was the most delicious cake I have ever tasted...and NOT A PIECE was left after the reception...literally, people were going back for seconds and thirds. I whole heartedily recommend her services, and will use her for ANY function that requires a special cake. She was practical and honest.....she only gave me what I wanted and did not over-do it. More importantly, I was shocked at how reasonable her quote was. She didn't send me home with a bill for a cake that feeds 250 knowing full well I only required one that fed 100. Definately stay away from those over-priced bakeries and let her work her magic for you. Amanda



Brenda did wedding cakes for both my wedding (to the same person). I had a week and a half to plan the first wedding in Apr '06...and a year to plan the second wedding in Apr '07. Both times I found two or three pictures of other cakes...told her what I like from each of the cakes...and she took the things I liked and incorporated them into one cake just for me. She did a great job on both cakes! KARI



What can I say about Brenda the amazing cake lady I found on the Internet. Well let me start by saying she agreed to do a tasting for us and brought us an arrangement of cupcakes, which were quite yummy. She got the cake style I had in mind right on the money, and let me tell you it was the best tasting cake I ever had. Wish we had a rehearsal dinner the night before because there would have been enough cake for that too. And she definitely gives you a lot for your money, we cut huge pieces of cake and there was plenty left over. I wish I had the recipe she used because it was the best Red Velvet cake I have ever had.
She went out of her way and delivered to our reception in North Myrtle Beach. She also made a small cake for me and my husband for my birthday, and it was wonderful. She is the best ever, so anytime I need a cake while I’m down there, she will be the one I call. Too bad she doesn’t live closer…
She also went out of her way to get the ribbon that matched my colors exactly…. She is the best, when we renew our vows, I hope she will still be in business.  
Amy Massey

I was fortunate enough to find Brenda from 8 hours away...all of our business was taken care of over the phone, we never actually met in person! I told Brenda what I was looking for, and told her that I wanted something chocolate with a chocolate filling..something rich ;) She delivered a gorgeous beach-themed cake to my reception venue, and it was perfect! It was everything I wanted it to be....beachy, delicious, and beautiful. I highly recommend Brenda, she was very easy to work with and very flexible. It made it much easier to plan our wedding from so far away when we knew that we didn't have to worry about the cake!!!!!!
Erin Butler


In 2007 my daughter was having problems finding just the right wedding cake. Just 2 weeks before the wedding and after canceling the 3rd cake I called Brenda. It was perfect! So last year for my son's wedding I went straight to Brenda. Perfect again! That's 2 wedding cakes and a grooms cake that crossed the state line. Brenda took the time to have several conversations with us to make the cakes just as we wanted. She's very good at cake decorating not to mention all the compliments I recieved at both weddings on how delicious the cakes tasted!! How do I know Brenda??? I was the Food and Beverage Manager at Medieval Times for 5 years and Brenda made the Birthday cakes (shaped like shields) for our guest. Never had one unhappy customer...Thanks Brenda!!!

Teresa P

Hi Brenda.       Pat’s birthday was wonderful, thanks. I’m sorry you had such a difficult time finding us, but glad you persevered. Your cake was delicious. We’ve always thought of a pound cake as a high cake, but your seashell creation was very clever and the white chocolate shell decorations were equally clever. Our grandson enjoyed them, and me, too.Thanks again.Maurus

Everyone LOVED the cake and couldn't believe that the shells were fake and that you could eat them....Holly Y

Brenda, you are the best............ thank you so much for my wedding cake, my husband and I loved everything about it. Hey everyone you should know that I have never met this woman, all I know is that she was in the middle of moving and a family emergency when I asked in 2 weeks to have the perfect cake and she pulled it off by word of my #1 friend and emails. Thank you soo much and I can't wait till next year when I have you make me another one for our first anniversery party...........Karen Buck


(review in 6-1-10

Wow! Simply the best! Brenda, thank you again for the wonderful detail and incorporating everything we wanted. It definitely was beautiful and tasted great also! Thank you also for delivering it. It couldnt have been a more perfect day and the cake was definitely a highlight. I will definitely recommend you again & again!

Nicole and Rogan


Sabrina: Thank you Mrs.Brenda ( the wonderful cake lady ) who has done so many wonderful , beautiful cakes for me and my friend Kim's wedding and others . You do a wonderful job , always so creative .
I refer you all over Horry county ( b/c you are the best ) !! I still have a few more birthdays coming up I would like you to do as well .
However I am just here to tell you Thank You very much for everything and even helping me figure out what I want and when I am not sure you get some ideas and take off with it yourself ( and always get that right too ) !! Also the cookies I got the last time were so cute , good ....yummy !! I did have a hard time eating the flip flops b/c they were too pretty .... Anyways thank you very much and good luck !! Who ever choses you to do theres will be just as pleased as my family ;)

Ron: theecakelady's cakes are awsome ! i will keep coming back ... love them !!

Sabrina and Ron C-Myrtle Beach



 Thanks Brenda! It was as delicious as it was beautiful!~Angie

You have done all of my children's cakes in the past at bilo in Socastee.  My daughter had a tea-cup cake, and my son had a teepee cake with all sorts of amazing extras.  Anyway, I hardly ever shop there anymore, but I just had a cake done for a baseball team.  I heard that you were no longer there, but I ordered it anyway.  It was very disappointing to say the least.  I just wanted you to know that you are a TRUE artist...I'm sure many many people miss you being there.  I remembered your website, and wanted to tell you this.  Hope to see your work in the future.
Diana S


 memories for a are forever in our hearts.....Stacey K


Our wedding cake was BEAUTIFUL! Exactly what we wanted and more, with special and memorable touches added. Her birthday cakes, absolutely amazing! TheeCakeLady will be the only person I get my cakes from, she has never let me, my family or friends down on our special occassions :) I highly recommend her cakes for your special day :)

Mark and Nicole 10-25-08

Val n Charles

Text message from Valerie and Charles: 6/2/08



Nicole's thank you note


LOL! I was just thinking I needed to follow up with you!
Everything went wonderful...I cannot TELL you how many compliments and inquiries I got on the cake...people were CONVINCED I went to some outlandishly expensive pastry shop. It was beyond delicious...exactly as I had envisioned and imaged. You can ask ANYONE in my wedding party, anytime anyone asked me what part of the wedding I was most looking forward to, I always's gonna be great. And it was!
Here is a picture of Jamie and I cutting it...
Our photographer had to leave before we got to it, so it's a homegrown one...
Thank you so much...
You'll have a perennial customer in me for ANY cake!


We had the most beautiful wedding ever and an awesome night. This was by far the best day of our lives. The cake was absolutely perfect! We could not have found a better cake. It taste great, it was a very great price, and it was the most beautiful cake we have ever seen. We would just like to say THANK YOU BRENDA for helping make our special day even better!    Teresa


Thank you so much for making the cake for us again. It was PERFECT.
I took a couple of pictures if you need.
Just like last years cake, this cake tastes so good!...want to tell us your secret?
ha ha.
Anyway, thanks again for making a perfect cake again for us.
You can expect to hear from me again this time next year.
Van & Victoria


Hey! Things went great. The kids loved the cake! We all loved the cake! The lady who did the ceremony asked for your info --her niece is getting married. I hope she calls you. Katie was thrilled with the purple. Thank you so much for eveything. 
 Thanks again! Pam B


Brenda-  Thank you so much for making the cake for my son's Eagle Scout ceremony!  The cake was PERFECT... as always!  You have never let me down and you have been making cakes for me for 14 years now! 


Dear Brenda,
 I just can't tell you enough how beautiful the cake was.  It was just absolutely gorgeous. It was everything I could possibly have hoped for... and it was just as delicious as it was pretty.  Everyone loved it and the bride cried when she saw it.  Thanks again for your beautiful work of art.  Please thank your florist for me as well. The flowers were beautiful, too. I can't wait for you to do another one for me.  Sincerely, Pam


Let me say, the cake was great!  Everyone was very impressed with how it looked and how it tasted.  I told the whole story of how I found your website and how we communicated through email.  It went very very well and we just wanted to thank you for doing it.



Just wanted to let you know the cake was absolutely gorgeous ,  and tasted oh so good ,thank you so much!!! I'll  be in touch, I have lots of birthdays in my family so see ya soon . Thanks again    


Hi Brenda,
Everything was wonderful.We were so happy with the cake. You did an incredible job! So many people commented on how beautiful the cake was. Thank you for everything.


We wanted to write you and say THANK YOU for such a beautiful cake!
The cake was more then what we expected, thank you!
Everyone LOVED the cake too. I usually don't eat cake, and of course there's always a couple people who don't eat cake for whatever reason. Every single person had a piece, some coming back for seconds!
Everyone commented on how good the cake was, not to rich, not to sugary, just right.
Thank you so much for a perfect cake!
I have attached a low-res picture of the cake. Give me a few weeks to get all the pictures situated and I'll send you a high-res picture of the cake.
Again thank you so much. If you need to use us as a referral, please do so.
Van & Victoria


Our cake was BEAUTIFUL and delicious! You did an awesome job! I can't thank you enough for everything!  Stephanie Maroney

Hi Brenda,
We LOVED the cake!! They were very excited and did not expect anything. The cake was beautiful and very good. Thank you very much, Jennifer


I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful cake.  And you made it so easy for me to make it all our own.  I picked one of your originals gave you a color scheme and you just blew me away with the  sand topping. You can't get more beach than that.  Every one was so pleased and it tasted great. Thanks again for the all the help , Teresa


Hi Brenda,

The cake and the anniversary cake was so beautiful.  We managed to bring the anniversary cake all the way home to Chicago..however, the cake you made was so good I am not sure it will survive in the freezer for a whole year without me eating it! I just signed the guest book. Thank you for everything! Sandra



Brenda, the cake was absolutely beautiful!
We were informed when we were decorating Friday night that you delivered it. Angelo told us & said he would show it to us. We got involved with
everything & we didn't want to bother Angelo again so we waited til the reception.
  It was a masterpiece!  You don't know how many people asked us who made this 
gorgeous cake.  Everyone was totally impressed with it. They loved the
 decorations on the cake, the couple statue & the heart shape feature. 
  I gave out your name to quite a few & hopefully you will get some responses. 
      Thank you so much for a wonderful job.  You really put your heart into
        your special talent! 
          Thank you again.





Just wanted to say thanks again Brenda for a beautiful wedding cake with the seashells, it was perfect! Christine

Brenda,  The cake was beautiful.  You did a great job.  We were all really pleased with it!!  Mom and Dad were surprised and thrilled.  Thanks so much for your help.  Thanks for delivering it too!!!!!  Darlene 

Hi Brenda!

I found pirate cookies on page 21 of the 1993 Wilton Yearbook (the one with the roller coaster cake on the front).  

There is a pirate ship cake on page 48 of the 1977 Wilton Yearbook made out of half of the egg shaped pan, but it is not nearly as cute as the one on your website.

What would I do without you???


Dear Brenda,
 I am so sorry it has taken so long to write to you, we just got back from the Bahama's.  I just wanted to thank you so much for our beautiful wedding cake.  Not only was it exactly as I pictured it but it was DELICIOUS!!!  We had so many comments on the cake that it was the best wedding cake people had ever eaten.  Thank you so much for making our wedding cake so perfect!  We have 2 friends of ours that got engaged at our reception and if it is alright with you they would like you to do their wedding cake too.  It is December 10 of this year.  If that's ok, I will have her contact you.  Thanks again Brenda, Josh and I will remember you for future baking needs!! 
                         Molly & Josh

The Wedding went great and everyone just loved the cake design... it was beautiful.
I have recommended you to a friend who is getting married in October. It was one of the best cakes I have ever had, thank you so much , you did a great job!

Married life is good..

Thanks again
Robin and Andre'

Brenda, Thanks so much for the beautiful and DEE-licious wedding cake! You really got us out of a jam at the last minute and made exactly what we asked for. We couldn't have been any happier. Thank goodness we found you!! Chrissy (relative of bride)

Brenda, Just wanted to let you know that the cake was excellent. I am very pleased  with the way it turned out. And I am looking forward to seeing your ideas with our wedding cake. Thank you so much. Kevin & Alischa

The cake was just as I wanted. I had a relatively small wedding and I had a hard time finding someone to make a cake to suit my needs as well as staying within my budget and you were willing to do this. There were several compliments on how good it tasted. I definately would recommend you to anyone. Thank you again! Beth

Thought you might want a picture of the cake. It was beautiful ... everyone raved over how pretty it was and how good it tasted. Unfortunately the only taste I got was the piece we fed each other when we first cut the cake.
Thanks for everything. Hope you've had a great holiday!
Annita & Rich


The cake was everything that I wanted.  Thank you so much.  I have the
perfect picture for you.  I will try to get it to you after Christmas.

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